Why shop with you first?

Reduced to Clear has a wide range of everyday basics such as milk and eggs, plus staples such a meat and dairy. Shop with us first and you’ll save on these items as well as special products we bring in-store each week. It’s a great way to get more value from your grocery budget.


Why are your prices so low?

We deal directly with wholesalers who need to get rid of excess stock. We buy direct and pass the savings on to you. This allows Reduced to Clear to sell items at prices up to 70% LESS than their recommended retail price. We even have a range of products with $1 or less price!


Why does stock run out? Why don’t you order more?

Whilst we always endeavour to stock enough for demand, we order our products a long way in advance to secure the best low prices for you. Sometimes if demand is very high, we can sell out quickly. Sign-up on our website for our Weekend Shout-Outs and regular weekly specials emails so you’ll be the first to hear when we have something new in-store.


Why are you unable to provide information on product availability?

We only stock products that are great value and at low prices. Whilst we always try to have something in every food category, if we can’t get a good deal for you, we won’t stock it. Come and see us in-store regularly to make the most of our low prices and every-changing new stock items.


Why do some items have a limit per customer, and why can’t I buy in bulk from you?

To keep things fair for all our customers, we sometimes limit how much of an item you can buy in one visit. This helps great specials go further, spreading the benefit to more people. It’s also why we don’t allow customers to buy in bulk for resale – we’re not a wholesaler, we’re here to help our customers get the most value possible from their weekly grocery budget.


Is it true you sell expired goods?

No way! Not now, not ever. We never sell products which are past their use-by date or that have expired. At Reduced to Clear, low prices will never mean bad food.


But you do sell products which have past their Best Before date?

Sometimes we do, but let’s be clear about what that means. Best Before is not the same as Use By or Expired. A product past its expiry date should not be consumed and we would never sell it. Best Before, however, is just a date supplied by the manufacturer as a gauge to measure when a product is at it’s best. It will still be good to eat past this date.


Do you check your stock regularly to ensure it’s good?

Yes. At Reduced to Clear, we frequently test our stock to ensure everything we sell meets the original product quality standard. That means what we stock is no different to products bought in other major supermarkets – except for our exceptionally low prices!


Do you guarantee your products?

Yes. We are so sure of our product we back them with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Should you not be entirely happy with any purchase, simply return it with your receipt (as proof of purchase) for a full refund – no questions asked.


When is my local Reduced to Clear open?

Opening hours vary from store to store – you can look the hours up here on our website, or give your local store a call.


Is there a Reduced to Clear coming to my neighbourhood soon?

We’re always on the lookout for great new store locations. Once a new location has been picked, we’ll advertise it here on our website as well as in local newspapers, on radio and in other ways, so keep an eye out.