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Sell Your Excess Stock


Reduced to Clear over the past 12 years has saved or rescued over 50,000 tonnes of food and or product from going to waste.

We are very proud of what we’ve achieved and would like to thank all our suppliers for supporting us by helping reduce food wastage. We see ourselves to an extent as sustainability and waste management providers to the food industry in New Zealand. By supplying Reduced to Clear you’re doing your thing to reduce unnecessary wastage of product and also enabling people and struggling families to save money each week. It really is a WIN-WIN situation. It’s impossible in the food industry to get forecasting and your logistics 100 % perfect. We understand this and are here to help. Sell your excess stock now!

Reduced to Clear was founded on the concept of reducing food waste and improving sustainability in New Zealand and around the world. Back in 2008 when Reduced to Clear was founded sustainability, carbon footprints and being Eco-friendly was hardly ever mentioned.

Reduced to Clear however, knew that someone had to lead the way and sort an issue that was often overlooked in the food industry. Company profits were often put ahead of doing the right thing without the realisation of what effect this was having on the environment. The team at Reduced to Clear had other ideas and knew that something needed to be done.


By supplying Reduced to Clear our customers can recycle the packaging of the product, ie glass bottles, plastic bottles, plastic liners etc. If Reduced to Clear wasn’t saving this kind of product where would it go? The last thing Reduced to Clear wants is for a good product to go to waste.


By supplying Reduced to Clear and enabling them to on sell your excess stock and save your product it creates a perfect scenario to encourage overall sustainability within the FMCG market here in clean green NZ.

Many of our customers shop with us each week and now know they are helping reduce food wastage and to YES helping save the planet.


Within New Zealand: Tracy.Jenkinson@reducedtoclear.co.nz / AleahB@reducedtoclear.co.nz or call us on 021 132 3528 / 027 698 7556 or try the office on 09 2770518

And yes, we also import clearance stock from all over the world.

For international suppliers: Tracy.Jenkinson@reducedtoclear.co.nz / AleahB@reducedtoclear.co.nz or call us on 00 64 276987556