Our goals in containers.

Less food waste!

We are very proud of how much food product we have rescued avoiding food waste around the world. 

Sky Tower: 328 meters.
This was the total of product saved in the first few months of RTC being open. Containers stacked on top of each other reaching higher than the Sky Tower.

Mount Cook: 3724 meters.
By 2012 RTC had saved around 5,000 tonnes of product which was enough to put containers stacked to the height of NZ’s tallest mountain, Mount Cook.

By the end of 2018, it’s estimated that RTC has rescued around 50,000 tonnes of product from being wasted. To quantify this, it is containers stacked on top of each to around the height of Mount Everest.

Our next goal is the moon! By shopping at RTC, you can help us achieve our goal. 😊

How it began


End of 2018

Next goal is the moon!