What we personally love when shopping in-store in Reduced to Clear is that we can buy a variety of chilled and frozen products which are available only in our retail stores!

Today we are ready to share some tips which will help to shop in-store efficiently.

First, find your nearest Reduced to Clear store, use Store finder on our website here:

In the North Island, we have ELEVEN Reduced to Clear stores where our friendly and helpful personnel will help you with your shopping inquires.

Second: If you are interested in a specific product, give us a call and check the stock! The store phone numbers are listed in the Store finder section as well as store working hours. 

Our website is an extended catalogue for our retail stores, that is why we have here a wide range of chilled, frozen and heavy products which are available only in our retail stores. However, you can buy it only until the stock lasts. For example, some of our chilled products can be available only one-two days in stores.

Another advice: check new products! If you are looking for new products, which were recently added to the website, just press the yellow button “New product” on the Home page of our website. So, you can see the heading “NEW PRODUCTS IN STORE AND ONLINE NOW”. And here you can add to cart our newest products. Every day in Reduced to Clear we add to our website amazing new products with prices up to 80% LESS than their recommended retail price.

And finally, subscribe to our newsletter! Be the first to know Reduced to Clear weekly specials, including $0.99 deals, garage clearance, what’s new, Friday chiller deals and much more. No spam, only best offers! So, “first to know first to buy rule” in action in Reduced to Clear!