Jabsons Soya Sticks Chinese Chatka 150g

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Jabsons Soya Sticks Chinese Chatka 150g

Jabsons Soya Sticks Chinese Chatka has an oriental spicy taste with a hint of garlic. Crispy sticks made from defatted soya flour having mild chineese flavour.

Country of origin

Made in India


Defatted Soya Flour (20%), Rice flour, Tapioca Starch, Udad Flour, Edible Veg. Oil, Iodized Salt, Sugar, Dextrose, Chilly Powder, Flovour Enhancer (631,627), Natural Flavouring substance, Anti Caking Agent, Contains Permitted Natural Colour, Contains Class II Preservative (220)

About the company

Jabsons brings tasty healthy snacks by handpicking quality ingredients which makes the entire snacking experience delicious.

The company has an insatiable appetite for great taste. The wholesome treats are made by adapting a unique blend of modern technology to preserve the goodness of the products.

Jabsons foods is a part of 100 years old group “ Jairamdas Bhagchand” known as “Cotton king” of Vidarbha, Maharashtra, in late 70s.

Furthermore, improper packing, quality issues and market demand of peanuts gave an idea of launching the peanuts in exceptional packing which maintains the freshness and quality of the product. So, Jabsons company was launched in 1992. By making dream to reality, successfully launched peanuts with variety of flavours not only in India but also in the International market.

The most favourable thing was the locational advantage, as Gujarat is known as ‘ peanut Bowl ‘ of India because of its quality of peanuts and bharuch is well known for its traditional ‘salted & Roasted Peanuts’.

Gradually the company added more and more delicacies to our product basket and now we are serving more than 250 healthy snacking options to our customers.

Hence, Jabsons strives to serve, explore and create delicious new flavours to entice your taste buds.


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