Limitless Supplements Dual Shaker 750ml

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Limitless Supplements Dual Shaker 750ml

The ALL new Limitless Dual 750ml shaker comes with two separate compartments allowing the user to sip away on two different beverages at the same time.

– 750ml

– 2 separate compartments = 2 separate drinks

– Comes with 2 separate plastic mesh filters to ensure the liquid is clump-free

– Easy to clean

– Dishwasher safe

About the company

In everything we do, we believe in challenging people. We believe in inspiring and empowering, by bringing forth the true potential to excel hidden beneath. We also sell supplements.

The Limitless Excel range has been scientifically developed to help you perform at your peak for longer. We believe to excel means to perform at an exceptionally high level, to surpass your own expectations and exceed your desired goals.

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