Knaus Appliance Descaler 300 ml

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Knaus Appliance Descaler 300ml

Advanced high-performance liquid removes limescale/ calcium, deposits fast. Special additives help prevent build up. Suitable for most household appliances including kettles, coffee machines, steam irons etc. Use regularly to keep appliances working efficiently and prolong their life.


Kettles. Half fill the kettle with water and bring to the boil. Unplug and add 1/3 of the bottle (100ml). Leave for 10 minutes. Flush kettle with plenty of water then refill and boil. Rinse again.

Coffee Machines. Use ¼ of the bottle (75ml) with 500ml of clean water. Check and follow manufacturers instructions.

Steam irons. Always check and comply with manufacturers instruction. Heat iron until hand hot and then unplug and empty any water. Carefully pour 1/3 of the bottle (100ml) into the irons water chamber. Top up with water. Place face down on an upturned saucer in a plastic bowl. Shake gently until the solution drains through the soleplate. If fitted, press the irons spray and steam buttons. Leave for 10 minutes or until empty, rinse through thoroughly then wipe soleplate clean, use iron-on some fabric to ensure it is clean before use. Take care to wipe away any spillage of descaler onto surfaces.

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Made in the EU.

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