Domestos Bleach Blue 750ml

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Domestos Bleach Blue 750ml

Domestos is the world’s number one disinfectant designed to kill germs and bacteria. The bathroom is a high traffic area for germs. The most common types of bacteria found in any bathroom are Bacteroidaceae, or bacteria from poo, E.coli, streptococcus and salmonella. These aren’t always the harmful strains of the bacteria, however, using Domestos Extended Power bleach in the bathroom will eradicate any threat to your family.

Germs usually come back after your toilet is flushed. But not with Domestos Extended Germ-Kill. Thanks to its formulation with CTAC, it clings for longer than any other bleach. And that means it keeps every toilet safe from germs for longer.

Domestos bleach is a thick, easy-to-use product that kills all known germs dead – even in the nastiest of places. Using Domestos to clean is simple and it gives complete reassurance that the threat has been dealt with. Domestos can protect your family against germs and bacteria.

So how does Domestos kill bacteria? It’s down to a powerful chemical reaction. The sodium hypochlorite in Domestos bleach oxidises molecules in the cells of the germs it meets. This process eradicates bacteria and viruses and protects you from illness spread via toilets.

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