Cygnett Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphones

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Enjoy 360° videos, panoramas and gaming

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Cygnett Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphones

Immerse yourself into a world of virtual reality entertainment with your smartphone and the GateWay VR Virtual Reality Headset. Slip the comfortable VR over your head, adjust the dual lenses and closures, and lose yourself in new worlds.

  • Dual adjustable lenses
  • Flip-down closure
  • Magnetic action button
  • Comfortable lightweight fit
  • Elasticised straps and breathable padding
  • Compatible with all smartphones from 4″ to 6″ and VR Apps

A Whole New World

A whole new world awaits you with the GateWay VR Virtual Reality Headset. Step into the latest virtual reality (VR) technology and get a new perspective on what’s happening all around you with the clearest of vision – behind you, above you, below you, beside you and of course right in front of you.
The VR-GW 360° Headset features a lightweight design, elasticised straps and breathable padding so you can wear it comfortably for hours. The VR-GW 360° Headset offers a flip-down hatch with a magnetic closure system so that your smartphone can be easily loaded. This flip-down system also allows easy access to charging at either end of the device.

360° Video

Don’t just watch videos, transport yourself into them; ski down a mountain or get a brand new perspective on watching movies.

Immersive Panoramas

Put yourself in the centre of the picture and explore the world of 360° panoramas without leaving the room.


Experience gaming on a whole new level and surround yourself with all the action and excitement like never before.


The VR-GW 360° Headset is compatible with all smartphones from 4″ to 6″. Team with the rapidly growing lit of VR Apps available in entertainment, education, sport, fashion and more, you’ll never run out of content.

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