CIF Cream With Micro Crystals Original 500ml

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Apply to surface using a damp cloth, then simply wipe over and gently rinse away.

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CIF Cream With Micro Crystals Original 500ml

Cif cream with micro-crystals – The best cif cream ever. Removes 100% of the most ingrained dirt* for 100% beautifully clean surfaces, more easily tan ever. It penetrates and removes completely the most stubborn dirt, like encrusted grease, burnt-on food, bathroom limescale stains; its new texture requires less rinsing + so you can enjoy a perfect shiny clean right away. *tested on model kitchen and bathroom dirt and surfaces achieving the complete soil removal + VS the previous formulation

Do not use on textile; For delicate surfaces and materials, any new/usual type of usual painted surfaces and aluminium, try on an inconspicuous area before, rinse immediately after use and avoid heavy rubbing.

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