Vo5 Shampoo Give Me Moisture 400ml

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Vo5 Shampoo Give Me Moisture 400ml

Hair looking drier than straw?
Constant washing, brushing, colouring and styling can take its toll on your hair, leaving it feeling a little unloved.

Give your hair some TLC with the vo5 give me moisture collection and restore your hair’s natural balance. We all want to express our true personality and we know that hair matters.
Good hair days give confidence, which makes you the best you can be to those around you. Vo5 brings you a full array of hair products and expertise to help you achieve your personal look.

We have trusted high-quality products, designed to achieve hair that looks and feels the way you want. We can give you the latest trend-led innovations that help you express yourself and your style. Vo5 has the products and expertise to help you confidently create the hairstyles that express the very best of you.

The name vo5 comes from the 5 vitamin oils that are included in every product and are essential for healthy, beautiful hair.

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