Lewis Plast Burn Dressing 10X10cm

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Lewis Plast Burn Dressing 10X10cm

Choose this Help-It First Aid Burn Dressing for cooling, soothing care of burns. The sterile dressing is designed to take the heat out of burns and helps skin fight infection through natural antiseptic properties. The dressing contains a water-based gel that is simple to rinse off to moisturise the skin and help reduce tissue damage. The non-toxic dressing is breathable and simple to apply to create a cool seal around the burn area. Simply secure in place with a lightweight bandage. Great for keeping on hand in the home, office, school or workplace first aid kit.

  • The first-aid dressing for burns
  • Cools burn area and removes heat while moisturising skin tissue to help minimise damage
  • The sterile dressing contains natural antiseptic properties to helps skin fight infection
  • The dressing contains aloe vera, tea tree oil (melaleuca), purified water and thickeners



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