Keep Cool Ice Sports Towel

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Keep Cool Ice Sports Towel

Our Cooling towel is made of hyper-evaporative breathable material. It is silky soft. Ice towel dries soft, doesn’t drip water and guarantees instant cooling effect. It is your perfect companion for all activities!

EASY TO USE & INSTANT COOLING EFFECT – Ice towel is very easy to use, simply wet it, wring out any excess water, stretch it out few times and is ready to use. To reactivate, simply rinse and repeat the process and you can use it over and over again. The compact microfiber towel is pleasant to touch, easily folds up and fits into any bag.

VERSATILE (MULTIFUNCTION) – Ice microfiber towel is perfect for all indoor and outdoor activities. You can use it as cooling bandana, scarf, headband, neck wrap and because of its super absorption ability, you can also use it as yoga towel, fitness towel, sports towel, gym towel, SUP towel or golf towel. It is also suitable for pets.

50% polyester, 50% nylon.

Country of origin

Made in China

Additional information

Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 21 × 2 × 26 cm



Keep cool


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