Uncle Tobys Oats Super Blends Protein Almonds 368g

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Uncle Tobys Oats Super Blends Protein Almonds 368g

Uncle Tobys Oats Super Blends Protein Almond is a blend of oats, rye and spelt and almonds with a hint of cinnamon. It has 11g of protein per serve, contributing to muscle mass growth and maintenance^, and it’s low GI (GI Value 55). Plus it’s a source of whole grain and fibre, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Whole Grain Cereals (77%) [UNCLE TOBYS Rolled Oats (65%), Rye (8%), Spelt (4%)], Soy Protein Isolate, Almond (4%), Raw Sugar, Cinnamon (0.4%).

May contain other gluten-containing ingredients, other tree nuts and lupin.

Country of origin

Made in Australia

About the company

When you think of Uncle Tobys you probably think of health, good nutrition, sun, surf and a vitality for life. That’s because that’s exactly what we stand for. Since milling the first oats back in 1893, with the first Uncle Tobys Oats product introduced to the market by Clifford Love and Co, we’ve entered the homes and hearts of Australian families fuelling them with wholesome energy from our home-grown oats.

Our range of nutritious and delicious breakfast cereals and snacks have helped nourish the active Australian lifestyle for generations.

Following the gold rush in Australia, two brothers Leonard and George Parsons left England and started manufacturing John Bull Oats in Melbourne. In 1861 the Uncle Tobys Company was born, originally under the name of Parsons Bros.

It wasn’t until the expansion of the railway in the 1890s that enabled more of Australia to be opened up for farming, but also enabled our oats to be transported all over Australia. In 1893 the Uncle Tobys oats product was introduced to the market by Clifford Love and Co in Sydney and, well, the rest is history.

In the 1970’s more women started entering the workforce, meaning they had less time to prepare food for their family. With more dual-income families in Australia, the market saw a significant increase in the consumption of packaged convenience foods. It was at this time that Uncle Tobys launched our first muesli bar, the Crunchola Bar (1976). Throughout the next decade, we continued to launch all kinds of new products: Uncle Tobys Le SnakUncle Tobys Roll-UpsUncle Tobys Yoghurt muesli bars, Uncle Tobys Oat Bran, Uncle Tobys Vita brits, Muesli and so much more.

For more than 125 years the Uncle Tobys brand has evolved with the changing needs of Australian families. As Australia continues to develop, we promise to grow with you. Looking to the future we are particularly passionate about nourishing the active Australian lifestyle while protecting the beautiful land that nourishes us.

That’s why Uncle Tobys is dedicated to minimising the impact of our operations on the planet. Our current focus is switching to fully recyclable materials. While most of our packaging can be recycled, there are still a few materials we’re working through such as our muesli bar and sachet wrappers. So our delicious and nutritious products won’t just be good for you. They’ll be good for Australia as well.

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