Masterfoods BBQ Sauce American Steak 500ml

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Masterfoods BBQ Sauce American Steak 500ml

Barbecue Sauce American Steak flavoured sauce. No artificial flavours or preservatives.

Great with burgers, steak sandwiches. Just squeeze onto burgers and steak sandwiches.


Tomatoes (from Paste) 45%, Sugar, Water, Thickeners (Cornflour (from Wheat), Pectin), Food Acids (Acetic, Citric), Salt, Glucose Syrup, Colour (Caramel (150c)), Onion, Vinegar, Spices (Pepper, Clove, Chilli), Spice Extract.

Country of origin

Made in Australia.

About the company

The MasterFoods® brand is proud to be Australian born and bred. This family-run company was started by Henry Lewis in 1945 before becoming part of another family-run business – Mars Food Australia in 1966.  We’re proud to have retained our Australian history and we take pride in knowing that our products are in 90% of Aussie pantries.

So, MasterFoods®, as part of Mars Food Australia, is passionate about finding more sustainable long-term solutions. The company has taken steps to reduce our footprint by recycling water, reducing our waste to landfill, using recycled packaging materials and in the co-generation our own electricity.

Furthermore, The MasterFoods® brand is found in 90% of Aussie pantries and plays a big role in the nutrition of Australian families.  The company’s ambition is to inspire Australians to cook and share healthier meals together and to create healthier choices.  As part of Mars Foods Australia, we have reduced salt, sugar and fat content across all our products, increased the amount of veggies and provide clear nutritional labelling so Australians can make informed healthy choices.

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