Freedom Foods Barley Clusters 400g

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Freedom Food Barley Clusters 400g

Feel positively good with the unique mix of prebiotic fibres in Barley, all in one grain.

Made with a super grain developed by CSIRO, Barley provides the perfect fibre mix to give your gut a boost*.

  • Resistant Starch Fibre for good digestive health
  • Soluble fibre to fuel the good bacteria in your gut
  • Insoluble fibre to help keep your gut moving

Country of origin

Made in Australia

About the company

It’s a lesson we learned early on. The year was 1990, and wholesome, tasty, ‘free from’ foods were practically nowhere to be found. After one too many fruitless searches, we decided we had to take matters into our own hands – and make tasty ‘free from’ food ourselves instead.

So we got to work and never looked back. From our headquarters in Sydney, we made it our mission to not only make delicious and healthy food but to lead the ‘free from’ food movement in Australia. We helped to establish health sections in supermarkets and adopted the most stringent allergen testing practices in the country. Because why bother doing something if you’re not going to do it right…right?

As more and more Australians got on board the feel-good food movement in the 2000s, we needed a bigger home. But it couldn’t be just any home. We wanted to build the very best in the region.

And so in 2009, we opened the doors to our dedicated ‘free from’ factory in Stanbridge (near Leeton in the Riverina in New South Wales). It’s one of just a few factories around the world with facilities ‘free from’ allergens, such as wheat, rye, barley triticale and nuts. How can we guarantee that? With incredible standards and attention to detail.

Food can always be better, so we’ll always be looking for ways to make it better. Whether it’s creating new snacks, trying new flavours or finding new ways of making our food more nutritious…we’ll never stop pushing ourselves to bring you the very best.

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