Cadbury Mini Eggs 41g

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Cadbury Mini Eggs 41g

Cadbury Mini Eggs 41g are made of solid milk chocolate with crisp sugar shell. Indeed, milk chocolate delights.

Country of origin

Made in Australia.

About the company

After Cadbury in England merged with J.S. Fry in 1919, the new company sought to expand internationally and decided to build a factory in Australia. As a result, Australia had developed into an important market since making Cadbury’s first overseas order in 1881.

Cadbury’s “fancy chocolates”- or assortments as they are now called – were sold in decorated boxes, with small pictures that children could cut out to stick into scrapbooks.

At present, Cadbury works in a partnership with Fairtrade to support the roll-out of Cocoa Life to Cadbury Dairy Milk products in 2018.

Through a US$400 million investment, Cadbury is working with Fairtrade to secure a positive future for 200,000 farmers and one million community members in six key cocoa-growing countries by 2022.

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