SOS Hydration Hypotonic Sports Drink Mango 500ml

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SOS Hydration Hypotonic Sports Drink Mango 500ml

SOS Hydration is a fast-acting electrolyte replacement hydration drink mix. SOS’ unique, independently tested formula contains 6 key electrolytes and minerals (sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, zinc, and citrate) in amounts 3x greater than competing brands. SOS was developed by a leading GI doctor based on the WHO and UNIFEF guidelines for oral rehydration therapy and allows the body to absorb 3x more water than water alone. SOS was created to provide an effective, great tasting, healthy, and low sugar hydration alternative to the high sugar sports drinks on the market today. SOS contains premium organic, non-GMO ingredients with absolutely no fillers, artificial ingredients, or preservatives.

GET 3X THE NUMBER OF ELECTROLYTES found in the average sports drink. SOS contains a doctor-formulated measure of electrolytes and glucose, for optimal hydration.

75% LESS CARBOHYDRATES than sports drinks. This electrolyte drink mix has only 10 calories per sachet so you can rest assured that you’re hydrating your body with the healthiest formula that tastes great and does good for your body.

ABSORB 3X MORE WATER THAN WATER ON ITS OWN – Osmolarity is the balance between sodium and water in the body, the lower it is, the better it is for rehydrating you. SOS is a rapid-acting HYPOTONIC low sugar formula.

3X MORE ELECTROLYTES, 6X LESS SUGAR, 6X LESS CALORIES than competing brands. DELICIOUS MANGO FLAVOUR in ready to drink 500ml bottles. Also available in convenient on the go sachets and bulk size tubs.

ORGANIC, NON-GMO PREMIUM INGREDIENTS – no fillers, artificial ingredients, or preservatives.


Drink before or after physical exertion or for general wellness

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SOS Hydration


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