Kelloggs Nutrigrain To Go Protein Choc Malt Squeeze 140g

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A delicious thick & creamy breakfast blend of oatmeal, cocoa and malt with protein to help you feel fuller* – perfect for young New Zealanders on the go.

Best served chilled.

Water, sugar, oatmeal (5%), cream powder, barley malt extract (2%), protein isolate (pea, soy), milk protein concentrate, corn starch, cocoa powder (0.5%), vegetable fibre (chicory), vegetable gum (460), natural flavours, salt, intense sweetener (steviol glycoside).


Country of origin

Made in Australia

About the company

Fun fact – did you know that Kellogg’s products have been making Australian life tastier for almost a century?

In 1924, a bloke named Morris Raymer was tasked with travelling to Australia to set up a cornflake machine in a rented building in the Sydney suburb of Chippendale (well before it was trendy, by the way).

Fortunately, this plucky chap was a specialist in automatic packaging machinery, so the machine worked a treat, churning out our signature, golden Corn Flakes® for the first time ever on Australian soil.

It would probably come as no surprise to you if we told you that Aussies went crazy for them! In fact, you snapped them up so fast that we had to build a new plant in Botany just a few years later. While we may have made a cheeky expansion or two over the years, we’re still making our original Corn Flakes at the same location to this day.

Over this time, we’ve become an integral part of the Australian way of life, whether through the development of Aussie original cereals like Just Right®, Sustain® and Nutri-Grain ®, or sourcing the vast majority of our ingredients from our local farmers.

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