Nescafe Gold Rich Refill 90g

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Nescafe Gold Rich Refill 90g

Nescafé Gold Rich intensity: 4 – medium bean: arabica finish: balance of richness and depth a premium blend of arabica coffee beans, crafted to deliver a balance between richness and depth. Nescafé Gold Rich is premium soluble coffee, with added quality roast and ground coffee to give you a rich barista inspired coffee at home. Barista tip: try adding ice cubes to make an iced coffee. Discover a richer taste with nescafé gold. When taste matters.


In 1929, Nestlé was challenged to help preserve the surplus coffee beans in Brazil that resulted from the Wall Street Crash. And Nestlé accepted the challenge. Our coffee specialist, Max Morgenthaler, was on a mission to create a delicious cup of coffee simply by adding water. Max and his team worked hard to find a new way to make instant coffee that would retain the coffee’s natural flavour. In 1938, they found the answer, and NESCAFÉ was born. Named by using the first three letters in Nestlé and suffixing it with ‘café’, NESCAFÉ became the new name in coffee.

When we first launched NESCAFÉ in Switzerland on 1 April 1938, it was predicted to be a huge success. But then WWII started in 1939. During the war, NESCAFÉ was a staple in the food rations of the US forces, and they loved it. Quick, easy and delicious coffee. After the war, NESCAFÉ was exported to France, Great Britain and the US, and the American troops became our brand ambassadors, spreading their love of NESCAFÉ. During the rest of the 1940s, the popularity of NESCAFÉ grew. Today, NESCAFÉ is enjoyed in over 180 countries and has become the world’s favourite coffee.


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