Monsoon Sparkling Coconut Water 250ml x 4

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DEAL: 4 units of Monsoon Sparkling Coconut Water 250ml for $2.50

Delicious and so refreshing, healthy alternatives to other carbonated sugary drinks on the market, packed with loads of natural sweetness and flavour.

Tasting Notes:
– Sustainable, Recyclable
– No added sugar
– No Preservatives
– Lightly carbonated
– We use young green coconuts that deliver a sweeter taste
– Contains potassium and magnesium and natural electrolytes

We use young green coconuts from the MeKong delta south Vietnam. Sustainably farmed.


Gilberd Organics was born about the need to provide tasty non-alcoholic drink alternatives to a thirsty market. The name Gilberd is steeped in history with Gilberd & Co. soda company, originally based in Napier and the local supplier of sodas to the Bay from 1865. Sadly, Gilberds closed down in the 1980s until relative took up his namesake and restarted the brand. Still very much a new business Gilberd Organics is committed to developing and launching interesting beverage products to the market. Much like their predecessors in Napier. The first, a sparkling ginger beer range launched late in February 2018. Made with refined coconut sugar and Southeast Asian flavours that are said to be have natural healing properties. A healthy alternative to the sugary drinks on the market currently.

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