Coco Fuzion 100 Sparkling Lime 250ml

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Coco Fuzion 100 Sparkling Lime 250ml

  • Great tasting hydration
  • Powered by coconut water
  • Low calorie and fat-free

A great tasting coconut water drink offering refreshment alongside health and hydration. A fat-free, low-calorie drink, ideal on the go, as a long drink or as a mixer. A fusion of nature and lifestyle.


Coconut water, carbon dioxide, lime juice, citric acid, natural lime flavour and colour.

Country of origin

Made in Vietnam

About the company

Fuzion 100 contains coconut water from tender, young, green coconuts.

FUZION 100 – SPARKLING RANGE – 250ml cans of sparkling coconut water with real fruit flavouring. Available in three delicious flavours: Lime, Mango and Raspberry.

It is fused with incredible fruit flavours to create a drink that not only tastes great but rehydrates you in whatever scenario life throws at you

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Coco Fusion 100


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