Bristot Gentle Stomach Friendly Coffee 200g

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Bristot Gentle Stomach Friendly Coffee 200g

Bristot Gentle is an Italian espresso coffee, which is a combination of 70% fine Arabica beans and 30% Robusta. Bristot Gentile certainly will appeal to connoisseurs and people with a sensitive stomach, heartburn and indigestion.


The new dewaxed coffee, stomach-friendly.
Why did we ask our Master tasters to create a “stomach-friendly” coffee blend?
Always more work, more responsibilities, more things to do in our everyday lives: the pace becomes more frantic and your stress level rises! The first effect of all this combined with a bad diet can cause digestive problems!
The remedy is to modify your diet and limit the consumption of food and beverages that can cause these problems, among these, are coffee.
Scientists have discovered that for some people it’s the waxes the cover the coffee bean that is indigestible and sometimes irritating.
Dewaxing is an innovative treatment that is done to non-roasted coffee. It extracts these waxes and part of the caffeine. The result is a more delicate and digestible coffee that maintains the benefits of a beverage that energizes body and mind.
So Bristot Gentile – Stomach Friendly, dewaxed coffee, was created: the careful choice of their origins and their balanced blend will allow you to taste a surprisingly aromatic and smooth cup of coffee.
No one will have to give up drinking an excellent cup of coffee!

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