Blended Daymaker Premium Freeze Dried Coffee 90g

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Blended Daymaker Premium Freeze Dried Coffee 90g

Daymaker is rich, smooth and well-balanced. It has a cedar wood aroma with notes of walnut, vanilla and subtle citrus notes finishing in sweet cocoa.
You’ve selected a coffee that’s been expertly roasted, then artfully brewed and freeze-dried, creating a coffee that both tastes delicious and leaves the world a better place.

By choosing this pack, you’ve added a tree to our eco-system with our ‘buy one. Plant one’ programme. Every tree we plant together contributes to a healthier planet, cleaner air and a brighter future.

And you’ve also chosen to tread lightly with our planet-friendly home compostable packaging. The bag and zipper can go straight into your compost, where they’ll break down and add nutrients back into the soil.

100% coffee beans


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