Arizona Iced Black Tea Lemon 500ml

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Arizona Iced Black Tea Lemon 500ml

AriZona Lemon Tea is made from real black tea and natural lemon flavour that help to create the slightly sweet, refreshing flavour of sun brewed tea style.

AriZona combines all the health benefits associated with tea, and an assortment of exotic flavours, fruit juices, ginseng and honey to make a fantastic tasting drink that is enjoyed by adults and children alike.

No artificial preservatives or artificial colours. Only natural flavour.


Water, Sugar, Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid, Acid: Citric Acid, Black Tea Extract (0.12%), Natural Lemon Flavour (0.02%).

Country of origin

Made in Germany

About the company

AriZona has many dedicated fans worldwide. From the elderly looking to improve their health, to adults who want to maintain their wellbeing right down to children who want to start out the right way.

This is the tea that put AriZona on the map. And 15 years later, it’s still the most popular flavor.

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