Pacific Crown Tuna Tikka Masala 95g

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Pacific Crown Tuna Tikka Masala 95g

Delicate pieces of premium tuna in tasty tikka masala sauce to add hit of spice to your sandwiches, jacket potatoes and wraps.  


Tuna, water, onion, coconut milk, tomato paste, sugar,E1442, soybean oil, coriander, ginger, garlic, red curry paste, chilli, salt, kaffir lime peel,

Country of origin

Made in Thailand.

About the company

Pacific Crown Brand was established in 1989 to service a growing demand for fresh quality, affordable packaged foods for New Zealand and Pacific markets.

Starting with Pacific staples of Mackerel, Tuna, Sardine and Coconut Cream – the Pacific Crown range has grown due to it’s ability to deliver on its promise of fresh affordable quality foods, and has continued to grow and add more consumer staples such as Cooking Oil, Canola Oil, Vegetable Oil, Sunflower Oil, Natural Cane Sugar, Medium Grain Rice, Jasmine Rice, Speciality Asian Sauces and Breakfast Crackers.

Pacific Crown’s intention is to grow our range and deliver our promise of Fresh Quality, Trusted, Affordable and Great Taste foods – since 1989.

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Pacific Crown


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