Good Time Milky Vanilla Cookies 12pk

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Good Time Milky Vanilla Cookies 12pk

All-time favourite. Crunchy texture cookie sprinkled with abundant, delicious vanilla chips in every bite. Simply loved by everyone! Share the joy of Milky Vanilla cookie!

Country of origin

Made in Indonesia.

About the company

Arnott’s Indonesia is an owned subsidiary of US food and beverage multinational, Campbell Soup Company built-in 1869. In Indonesia, we have an outstanding portfolio of locally manufactured and marketed brands such as Good Time, Tim Tam, and Nyam Nyam among others.

Originally, Bukit Manikam Sakti was built in 1986 as a local biscuits manufacturing, located in Bekasi, West Java. In 1995, it merged to Helios Arnott’s Ind. with 50:50 share. And lastly, this company was acquired by Arnott’s Biscuit Limited in 1998 and its name changed to PT Arnott’s Indonesia

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