Barkers Dulce De Leche Milk Caramel 780g

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Dulce De Leche Milk Caramel 780g

This delicious, rich caramel is brilliant swirled through yoghurt, served with pancakes or waffles, or drizzled over ice cream or cake. A decadent filling for eclairs, layer cake or as a dipping sauce with fruit. Gently heat to soften for drizzling and spreading. Produced from 100% full cream milk and free from artificial colours and preservatives.


Country of origin

Made in Uruguay

About the company

The desire to be different and to explore new and better methods has been in our DNA for generations. Barker’s has been on the corner of the original family farm since 1969 and we continue to respect, foster and grow our business with the land around us.

Establishing and growing a business in a rural location such as ours offers challenges.  With 230+ staff, a busy head office and factory, we can’t escape the reality of being far removed from services that one would take for granted.

The Barker family farm has seen many inventions over the years.

Anthony Barker crafted his pure elderberry wine using an extraordinary range of simple home appliances – an old washing machine converted for drying corks, a vacuum cleaner to provide the turbo boost for his diesel-fired coppers – true Kiwi DIY!

While the Barker kids loved the home-made swimming pool, the most lucrative and acclaimed invention was the Kent-Barker fireplace. Manufactured and marketed by Kent Heating it was the world’s first efficient wood-burning heater.

The unique patented features, including a downward air wash to keep the glass door clean, were adopted by most manufacturers worldwide.

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