Mainland Special Reserve brie 125g

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Mainland Creamy Brie Cheese is a deliciously creamy cheese with a smooth, rounded body and soft white mould exterior. It’s smooth, with a fresh aroma and is best savoured as part of your favourite cheese board, although it does lend itself to toasties, pizzas or quiches if you’re after an oozy melt-feel, due to a large amount of cream in this cheese. It’s also pleasant when baked in the oven and topped with fresh thyme or parsley with a dash of white wine poured over it.

  • Soft and sweet
  • Smooth to the palette
  • White, fluffy rind
  • Matured to perfection
  • Match with white wines

How Creamy Brie is crafted
Selected starter cultures are pre-ripened with pasteurised farm-fresh milk. Extra cream is added to the curds, which are cut, warmed and stirred slowly. After being hooped and drained and lightly salted, white fluffy rinds grow as the cheese matures. They are hand-turned daily during this process.

Pasteurised Milk, Salt, Cultures, Enzyme (Non Animal Rennet)

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