Mainland Parmesan Cheese Shavings 100g

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A bag of Mainland Parmesan Cheese shavings is an excellent garnish with a sharp bite and mature, rich flavour, a superb accompaniment to enhance any dish as a topping or melted throughout.

  • Pre-grated
  • Traditionally sharp
  • A time-saver
  • Intense flavour

Mainland Parmesan cheese shavings are cut from the block and is a hard dense granular cheese variety with a straw-coloured hue. It has a yellowish rind and a strong bite that embodies a rich fruity tone. Ideal to combine with other cheeses to top your favourite pizza, use it to layer over the top of lasagna so it crisps up, garnish a spaghetti bolognaise or use to add that thick consistency to a risotto dish.

How Parmesan is crafted
The pleasant sharp flavour and dense texture of Mainland Parmesan Cheese is achieved when it’s cooked, pressed and carefully matured. It takes 17 litres of milk to create just one kilogram of our Mainland Parmesan.

Milk, Salt, Cultures, Enzyme (Rennet, Lipase), Anti-caking Agent (460 or Starch), Preservative (200).

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