OLIO is a mobile application available in over 32 countries which connects neighbours with each other to share surplus food. The app navigation is in English and Spanish; however, listings and messaging can all be done in any other languages.

In New Zealand, people share in OLIO anything edible, no matter if loose, raw, cooked, opened, unopened. The main criteria are that you should share the food which you would eat yourself.

So, Reduce to Clear customers already know the difference between Best Before and Used by date.  We are pleased to note that OLIO follows the same practice – you can share products after its best before date but not after its use-by or expiry date.

Actually, food sharing is something of a lost practice. Whether adding or requesting, OLIO encourages us to be bold and experiment, communicating with neighbours! It does not matter –  some people will only add products to share, and others will only request it, or you can do both as well.

There are examples what people shared this week in Auckland, New Zealand.

If you love food, hate waste, care about the environment, OLIO mobile application is for you.

OLIO welcomes volunteers who can help to spread the word about OLIO in the local community or collect and share unsold/surplus food from shops, cafes, canteens or events and redistribute it.